For me, taking pictures is more than just taking a picture, it influences my whole way of thinking and living.

I was born near Hanover in 1963 and moved to Cologne in 1990 because of love. After a technical education and several years in film and television, I came to photography late.

Even as a child and teenager I always had a camera of some kind, but usually just something to snap. Later, when I started earning my own money, I bought a Nikon F301 and a 50mm lens. I photographed all sorts of things with it for a while, but my interest soon waned.

At the beginning of 2004, with the purchase of a Nikon D70, the desire to take presentable photos grew. Until then, my contact with photography was limited to taking snaps when I was young and passively consuming illustrated books and interesting photo sites on the Internet. My interest was aroused by the possibilities of digital photography, and I read up on the necessary technical and creative basics in an autodidactic way. I attended a few workshops, but quickly realized that I couldn't learn what I wanted there. I had to teach myself.

From autumn 2005 I had the opportunity to take photos in an improvised photo studio in the editorial offices of a photo magazine. I used this opportunity extensively. I practiced every chance I got. First only with flash technology in the studio, later with continuous light and finally with natural light. I was so enthusiastic about it that I moved into my own photo studio in January 2007 and decided to give up my learned job in favor of photography.

For me, photography is much more than just taking a picture. It gives me the opportunity to express feelings, meet people and see the world from a different perspective. My pictures don't show what I see, but what I want to see.

A few years ago I gave an interview to a well-known publisher for a book about my photography. If you are interested, you can read the interview here and learn a little more about me.

andreas puhl
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